Boxer career opportunity for candidates aged between 18-59. Boxer pride itself on training a new employee to adapt and understand the work environment. “tell me and forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” Benjamin Franklin

Boxer is an equal opportunity employer that encourages all of its workers to be the best they can be, no matter their age, race, gender, disability, or skin color. If you can do your job well, Boxer has a lot of job options for you.

The W&R SETA has given Boxer full credit as an official training center. For more information about exciting job opportunities for high school graduates and managers, please contact the Human Resources Director by uploading your CV using the link below.

If you don’t hear back from them in 30 days, your application will be considered unsuccessful.

What kind of Jobs does a boxer have?

Boxer stores have a lot of jobs for people just starting out. The cashier, the frequent worker, the packer, the clerk, the sales assistant, and the butchery assistant are all popular jobs at Boxer. Boxer gives skilled candidates more chances to work in administration.

Sales Assistant: During your shift, you will work on the income floor and help clients. You should keep the cabinets clean and stocked with things. When needed, you should also be able to work as a cashier and do things like work the register and handle payments from customers.

Steps to successfully send an application to a boxer

You will see an online application form on the web page.
Fill out the structure by means of getting into your name, surname, electronic mail address, smartphone number, and the area of the closest Boxer save close to your home.
Upload your CV additionally in PDF, Word, or JPEG format.
Lastly, write a quick message to the organization telling them why you desire to begin working at Boxer.
When you are finished, click on the pink “Submit” button to ship the software to Boxer.
You will be contacted within 30 days if the corporation regards your application positively.

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