Office of the Valuer General
Pretoria, Gauteng
Job details


Three (3) Year Fixed Term Contract

SALARY : R164 794.14 per annum (Level 04) 37% in lieu of benefits


DUTIES : Provide cleaning services. Clean all the designated areas. Clean all items such as windows, walls, bins, sinks, lockers and pans. Sweep, and polish all floors of the designated areas in the Institution. Wipe all offices desks, chairs and furniture. Vacuum the carpets in the designated areas. Provide routine general work and compliance services. Open windows every day for hygiene and infection control purposes. Damp and dry dusting. Empty dustbins in all the designated areas in the institution. Periodically assess and update toilet cleaning check list in the line with set hygienic standards. Request and replace toilets papers/towels and hazardous threats in the cleaning environment. Remove garbage from offices to the removal area. Provide routine maintenance services. Clean and take proper care of cleaning equipment. Store and safeguard cleaning material and equipment. Report electrical or mechanical malfunctioning of cleaning machines and other related equipment. Requisition and replenish cleaning material as and when required. Prepare tea and refreshments for the OVG during meetings with stakeholders.

CLOSING DATE : 15 November 2023

APPLICATIONS : Correspondence will be entered into with short-listed candidates within three (3) months after the closing date of the post. If by then you have not been contacted for an interview, you were not successful in your application.

NOTE : The Office of the Valuer-General requests applicants to attach comprehensive CVs and copies of qualifications, drivers’ license if applicable, identification document and permanent residency/work permit. Foreign qualifications must be accompanied by an evaluation report issued by South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). Reasonable accommodation shall apply for People with Disabilities (including where a driver’s license is a requirement).

IMPORTANT : Office of the Valuer-General is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. It is our intention to promote representivity in the Office of the Valuer-General through the filling of posts. We reserve the right not to fill a position.

All applicants must be SA Citizens/Permanent Residents or Non-SA Citizens with a valid work permit. Applicants will be expected to be available for selection interviews and/or competency assessments at a time, date and place as determined by Office of the Valuer-General. The Office the Valuer-General reserves the right to conduct pre-employment security screening and the appointment is subject to a positive pre-employment security screening result. Applicants must declare any/pending criminal, disciplinary or any other allegations or investigations against them. Should this be uncovered during/ after the interview took place, note that the application will not be considered and in the unlikely event that the person has been appointed such appointment will be terminated.

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Formal qualifications: Grade 10.

Job-related work experience: 5 years’ experience in general office cleaning

Job-related knowledge: Cleaning and maintenance of hygiene.

Job-related skills: Poses good communication skills. Be able to work as a team and interrelation skills. General cleaning and maintenance. Other requirements: Be able to work shifts. Be able to rotate when required. Honest and reliable and hygienic. Poses physical strength and to cope with physical demands of the position.

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