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Personal Driver

Job type: Permanent

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng

Job Number:72468

Job Type:Permanent

Job Title: Personal Driver

Computer Skills: MS Office

Industry: Manufacturing

City: Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)

Province: Gauteng

Job Description

  • Fetching and welcoming clients at the beginning of their trip.
  • Loading and unloading clients’ possessions, as required.
  • Traveling via the most efficient routes, unless otherwise directed.
  • Complying with road regulations at all times.
  • Engaging in conversation or playing music, if suitable.
  • Ensuring that clients’ identities and conversations remain confidential.
  • Apprising clients of local services that may be of use to them.
  • Ensuring that the automobile remains clean and well maintained.

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Inherent Requirements

  • Valid drivers license
  • 7+ years experience as a driver
  • Advanced driving would be beneficial

What Qualification

Minimum Qualification




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