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EPWP is Hiring Now

EPWP Job Description
The Department of Labour is committed to regulating the labor market through policies and programs developed in consultation with social partners. The key focus areas include:

Improving economic efficiency and productivity
Facilitating decent employment creation
Promoting labor standards and fundamental rights at work
Providing social safety nets for vulnerable workers
Promoting and enforcing sound labor relations
Eliminating workplace inequality and discrimination
Enhancing occupational health and safety awareness and compliance
Valuing social dialogue in formulating responsive legislation and policies for labor market flexibility and enterprise competitiveness, balanced with the promotion of decent employment.

EPWP 2024 Vacancies Applications
EPWP projects offer employment opportunities on a temporary or ongoing basis with government, contractors, or non-governmental organizations, operating under the Ministerial Conditions of Employment for EPWP or learnership employment conditions.

The EPWP creates work opportunities in four sectors:

Increasing labor intensity in government-funded infrastructure projects
Creating work opportunities through the Non-Profit Organization program and Community Work Programme
Providing work opportunities in public environment and culture programs
Generating work opportunities in public social programs.
How to Apply for EPWP Job Opportunities
To apply for EPWP job opportunities, download the EPWP Recruitment Guidelines. Familiarize yourself with the hiring process and application procedures outlined in the guidelines. Be well-prepared to seize the chance to contribute to meaningful projects and join a workforce dedicated to creating positive impacts in various sectors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of EPWP’s mission in enhancing economic efficiency, creating decent employment, and fostering a better work environment. Download the guidelines and start your journey towards a fulfilling career today!

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