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Stock Packer X35 Post

Job type: Full-time and Permanent

Location: Parow, Western Cape

Full job description

Kameo Design is looking for a new full time team member in our stock room department.

Job Title: Stock Packer

Job Summary:

The Stock Packer is responsible for packaging and preparing products for shipment. This role involves ensuring that items are packed securely and accurately labelled, maintaining inventory records, and supporting the overall efficiency of the warehouse or stockroom.

The job also includes counting in and checking quality of the stock as well as fabric rolls to be booked in and out. Trims for the CMT’s are packed and booked out by the stock packer. Any trims that come back must be placed back into our stock room and added back onto the inventory.

Key Responsibilities:

– Load and unload materials and stock.

– Assist with inventory management and stock control.

– Pack products into boxes or containers according to company standards.

– Report any issues or discrepancies to supervisors.

– Label packages with appropriate shipping information.

– Assist with performing quality checks.

– Ensure that all packed items are in good condition and meet quality standards.

– Keep accurate records of packed items and update inventory management systems.

– Assist with receiving, unloading, and organizing stock.

– Maintain cleanliness and organization of the packing area.

– Collaborate with other team members to ensure efficient workflow.

– Support other departments as needed with various tasks.

– Follow safety standards and rules when receiving and sending stock.


– High school diploma or equivalent.

– Previous experience in a warehouse or packing role preferred.

– Ability to perform physical tasks, including lifting and moving heavy objects.

– Strong attention to detail and accuracy in packing and labelling.

– Good organizational skills and the ability to keep accurate records.

– Basic understanding of inventory management systems.

– Good communication skills and the ability to work well in a team.

– Be in good health.

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Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

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