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Health and Safety Officer

Job type: Permanent

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

Full job description

Understand the Occupational H&S Act and implement an accountable OHS policy and plan
Develop, implement and monitor H&S policies, practices and procedures within the company.
Create the OHS committee, implement and report as per the relevant acts.
Organise training for OHS committee.
Develop and maintain Environmental Management systems and report as per the relevant acts.
Develop toolbox talks.
Develop inspection sheets.
Meet once or twice with the H&S inspectors.
Update H&S policies where and when necessary.
Ensure, monitor and enforce safe work practices.
Ensure no danger to visitors on site.
Work with HR to ensure compliance to H&S regulations and address non-compliance.
Develop management programmes to ensure compliance in terms of statutory requirements, standards and company policies.
Compile DSTI’s and checklists for safe work practices, and handle COIDA.
Ensure compliance with legislative requirements for health and safety responding to emergencies as required.
Conduct new employee orientation in conjunction with HR to align them with OHS company vision and mission.
Develop and facilitate induction training annually.
Conduct risk assessments, risk assessment training and develop procedures to address risks identified.
Enforce safe working techniques and re-enforce the safety and environmental policies, guidelines and procedures as stipulated in company documents.
Ensure that contractor personnel working on site are compliant with company policies and safety regulations.
Order and acquire PPE for staff – in conjunction with HR, and replenish first aid boxes.
Provide guidance and direction in terms of OHS programmes at the employee/ supervisor level to ensure a common and effective approach.
Oversee cleaners in conjunction with HR and conduct weekly hygienic inspections.
Ensure firefighting equipment is serviced annually and organise all safety signage.
Resolve complaints from employees regarding H&S, and compile files for departments of the company.
Facilitate signing of OHS policies and keeping of records.

Grade: 10-12 OR Abet level 4
Computer literate
Team Leadership skills
Strong administrative skills
Good communication and interpersonal skills
Work under minimum supervision


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